Marin Vayu & Natali Podner

We are passionate about sharing our beautiful city with the world and give our guests a local perspective on what to see and do in Rovinj.

As experienced travelers, we understand what guests need and want when visiting a new city. Whether it is a private weekend away or a more involved stay with expert advice, we are here for you!

We hope to see you in Rovinj soon!
— Marin & Natali (Owners)

About us

Five Elements Guesthouse is a family-run guesthouse located in a beautiful and quiet neighborhood of Rovinj.

Natali is a physiotherapist and great masser specialized in many different styles including a thai yoga massage. She is also a certified yoga instructor in ashtanga style. Helping people is in her nature. And she like to dance :)

Marin is an adventure guide, nature lover, and an instructor in the Five Elements. He has been in the world of yoga for over 15 years, and has been a lecturer on the Five Elements for over 8 years. He is also the author of "Dance of the Wind", a novel inspired by his travels and the Five Elements. He teach yoga, windsurfing and drumming.





Rovinj - The Pearl of the Mediterranean

Five Elements Guesthouse is situated in Rovinj, one of the most beautiful places in Croatia and along the Mediterranean Sea. If you have never been, this is a great opportunity to discover why National Geographic named Rovinj one of the most desirable destinations in the world. With beautiful beaches and a majestic old town, Rovinj is perfect for a romantic getaway or a fun filled family vacation. Great holiday for all you need.

Istria - Istra, Terra Magica

Rovinj is situated in the magical region of Istria. Similar to Tuscany of Italy, Istria's advantage is its beautiful coast. There are many medieval towns in the hills of Istria, such as Motovun or Grožnjan or the famous theater of Pula, which are only 30 minutes from Rovinj by car or bus. There are also many forest trails, mountains, caves, and of course, beaches. In addition, Istria's many olive trees and vineyards lends itself to world famous wine and cuisine. Combined, these make Istria one of world's most desirable and adventurous destinations.


For more than 30 years, Croatia has been one of of the most popular European holiday destinations. In recent years, it has become a famous country for travelers who enjoy both cities and towns, rich culture, and Croatia's amazing and diverse natural environment.