the best five Activities in rovinj, croatia

biking - kayaking - windsurfing - hiking - yoga

Rovinj has beautiful nature. Explore it in your vacation through kayaking, biking, hiking, sailing or windsurfing. 

When people visit Rovinj, they always admire the beauty and natural wonders of the area. And because human beings are made of the same elements as nature, it is impossible not be attracted to them.

Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth are the four main elements that we have direct contact with in nature. This is why we have chosen four specific and exciting activities to best experience these elements, and make your holiday unique:

  • Biking
  • Kayaking
  • Windsurfing
  • Hiking

It just so happens that these activities are also the best way to experience Rovinj. To experience the fifth element we have chosen Yoga, as the fifth element represents the human spirit.

All of our activities, including windsurfing and kayaking, are very easy to do with us so you don't need to be physically fit. We have equipment for beginners and experienced instructors. Everyone can join, no matter age, physical condition, or previous experience. 

Guests can always join us on one or more of our adventure activities, as well as morning Yoga.

For those wanting to have the best experience join us on our Five days Yoga & Adventure retreat where you can try all the five activities we offer plus daily meals, mediation workshops and lectures about the Five Elements. 


If you need more inspiration here we have one special book about yoga and adventure for you ! 

" Dance of the Wind " is a novel inspired by the author's travel stories.