Five Elements Yoga is probably the oldest concept of yoga in the world. 

The Five Elements concept is the oldest knowledge in the world, originating as ancient religion in Egypt, India, and Sumeria. Civilizations would develop esoteric knowledge such as yoga, tantra, astrology, numerology, feng shui, alchemy, and many others based on these beliefs. To today, many mystics, yogis, saints, and hermits still use this concept to walk on the spiritual path they have chosen.

That concept is inspired by the nature, and it is said that the whole Nature is made of 5 great Elements ( Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit ). It means that the humans are also made from the same elements. 

In yoga it is said that humans are made from 5 different levels that represents the Five Elements:
Fire - Energetic level
Water - Emotional level
Air ( Wind ) - Mental level
Earth -  Physical level
Spirit ( Space ) - Spiritual level

Therefore one yoga class should work on all the five level in order to be complete.

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