5 basic concept of Five Elements Yoga

1. The Nature is made of five Elements.
The Nature have two main forces; Sun and Moon, day and night, male and female. And then the Nature has Five basic Elements which are: Fire, Water, Earth, Air and the fifth Element which Alchemist and shamans call Spirit. In India it is called Akasha, which means Ether or Space.

2. The humans are made from the Five Elements.  
The world around us is our mirror. If we want to know about our nature we need to look at the nature of the universe, because we are made from the same things. In Yoga it is said that humans are made from five bodies, layers or five level: physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual. Each belongs to one of the Five Elements. Five Elements Yoga is working on all five level.

3. Humans collecting energy from the Nature.
Our body has the shape that represents number five.
Two legs, two arms, and one head.
On the legs and arms there are five fingers (toes), and on the head there is five organs for five senses. Through those five senses we collect the energy of the five Elements from the Nature.

4. Our character is creating and influencing our life.
Our character is made from our soul, thoughts, words, feelings, actions. They also have characteristic of the Five Elements. To work on ourselves means to bring awareness (consciousness) to our character and then to fill it with love.  

5. Balance of the Nature
Each Element has positive and negative aspects. The more the Elements are in balance, the more virtue the person has. If we feed only one Element or if there is some weak Element in our character the negative aspects are there. To have a quality life means to have the elements in balance. 


We can change our world only by changing ourselves.

10 incredible facts about knowledge of the five elements

10 incredible facts about knowledge of the five elements

1.       In the entire spiritual world the Five Elements are the base of the knowledge. They make rituals with those elements. For example the shamanic or pagans ritual are very similar to the priest ritual in the Christian church before the preaching, or to any ritual in India like puja. They all use fire or candles, drink or bless with water, light incense to smell the air, use powder, ashes, or some solid material from earth and make sounds with drums, bells, mantras or prayers for the holy spirit.

2.       In astrology the Five Elements are the base of the knowledge. There are 12 signs (zodiac). Each sign has characteristic of one element. Each of the 4 Elements has 3 signs. Also there are five planets visible with eyes (Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn). Each one has a characteristic of one element.

3.       In numerology the Five Elements are the base of the knowledge. There are 10 single-digit numbers (0-9). Each number has the characteristic of one Element. Each of the five elements has two numbers.

4.       In Alchemy the Five Elements are the base of the knowledge. The alchemist didn't speak much about the Spirit Element because for them it was a secret. They believed that with the Spirit Element you can transform anything into gold.

5.       In Indian Vastu the Five Elements are the base of the knowledge. There are 4 directions in the space (north, south, east and west). Each one has a characteristic of one Element. The Spirit or Ether element is in the center or above. The Chinese version is called Feng Shui and it is almost the same.

6.       In Indian Ayurveda Five Elements are the bases of the knowledge. They have 3 doshas and each dosha have the characteristic of one or two element. The Chinese medicine is almost the same.

7.       In Tantra, the Five Elements are the bases of the knowledge. There are 7 main chakras in the body.  They are the energetic center of the Elements. In Buddhism and yoga the chakras are the base of the knowledge.

8.       In almost all of ancient religions and mythology the first Gods were the Gods of the Five Elements. For example five main goods in Egypt were: Ra (Sun), Tefnut (water), Shu (wind), Geb (earth) and Nut (sky), and in India the first goods were Surya ( sun ), Chandra ( Moon ), Vayu ( wind), Varuna (water), Agni (fire), Pritvi (earth), Dayus Pita (sky), and Indra the king of all gods and the god of all elements, god of the storm.

9.        In the time of Jesus, there was a spiritual group called Essen. They were dressed in white, they baptized others with water in the river (like John who baptized Jesus), and sometimes they prayed to the angel of water, angel of fire, angel of air and angel of mother earth.

10.   The five star symbols called pentagram is one of the oldest symbols in the world. It was found even in the Sumerian culture. Today, many cultures, groups and societies are still using this symbol which represents five elements to them.


Nature is composed of five basic Elements such are Fire, Water, Air, Earth and the fifth Element, which is called the Spirit by alchemists and shamans.

The Man is the part of nature and it means that his character is made up of the same Elements.

In one way or another, all mystics, monks, yogis, sages and other spiritual people worked on how to balance and improve the human character. They created many techniques that helped them on this path.


We can change our world only by changing ourselves.

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