5 basic concept of Five Elements Yoga

1. The Nature is made of five Elements.
The Nature have two main forces; Sun and Moon, day and night, male and female. And then the Nature has Five basic Elements which are: Fire, Water, Earth, Air and the fifth Element which Alchemist and shamans call Spirit. In India it is called Akasha, which means Ether or Space.

2. The humans are made from the Five Elements.  
The world around us is our mirror. If we want to know about our nature we need to look at the nature of the universe, because we are made from the same things. In Yoga it is said that humans are made from five bodies, layers or five level: physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual. Each belongs to one of the Five Elements. Five Elements Yoga is working on all five level.

3. Humans collecting energy from the Nature.
Our body has the shape that represents number five.
Two legs, two arms, and one head.
On the legs and arms there are five fingers (toes), and on the head there is five organs for five senses. Through those five senses we collect the energy of the five Elements from the Nature.

4. Our character is creating and influencing our life.
Our character is made from our soul, thoughts, words, feelings, actions. They also have characteristic of the Five Elements. To work on ourselves means to bring awareness (consciousness) to our character and then to fill it with love.  

5. Balance of the Nature
Each Element has positive and negative aspects. The more the Elements are in balance, the more virtue the person has. If we feed only one Element or if there is some weak Element in our character the negative aspects are there. To have a quality life means to have the elements in balance. 


We can change our world only by changing ourselves.