Sound Meditation

Sound meditation is the relaxing method in which you lie with your eyes closed and listen the magical sounds of holistic instruments such as gong, didgeridoo, drums, bowls, and bells.
This sound meditation therapy can be individual or in a group. 
The price is 35€ for individual seance or 15€ in a group. 

The sound is a very powerful energy which can pass through our body and touch every cell in it.  The vibrations of those waves can stimulate inner organs or even some blockages deep in our body. 

We call this sound therapy a meditation because those instruments produce only one sound and we concentrate on that one sound which leads us to meditation. In every tradition, shamans or other spiritual person are using at least one of these instruments during the spiritual ceremony or healing. In modern science, researchers have discovered that the sound meditation has positive effect on the human brain because it can bring brain waves to lower vibrations like alpha or theta state of consciousness. 

Sound meditation is the magical experience for you soul.