To get the most of what Rovinj and the Guesthouse has to offer, join us for our Five Elements Yoga and Adventure Retreat!

The Five Elements Yoga Retreat program is for those who want a deeper knowledge about the Five Elements and a more enriching and spiritual experience.

 Highlights include:

  • Daily morning yoga classes
  • Daily lecture and meditation about the Five Elements
  • Included afternoon adventure excursions: kayaking, windsurfing, biking, hiking and cave exploring, fire gathering
  • Free time to unwind, socialize, and explore the surroundings
  • Daily organic vegetarian or vegan breakfast and lunch
  • 5-nights' accommodation in Rovinj, Croatia


Fire: Energetic level, courage, words
WaterEmotional level, compassion, feelings
Wind: Mental level, understanding, thought
Earth: Physical level, practicality, action
Spirit: Spiritual level, intuition, ideas

The Five Elements concept is the oldest knowledge in the world, originating as ancient religion in Egypt, India, and Sumeria. Civilizations would develop esoteric knowledge such as yoga, tantra, astrology, numerology, feng shui, and many others based on these beliefs. To today, many mystics, yogis, saints, and hermits still use this concept to continue on the spiritual path they have chosen.

The Five Elements can shape your life and influence your perception of reality. Balance between elements develops qualities such as peacepowerjoy, and harmony. We only need to discover, implement, and balance these elements in our character, as we are all made from all of the Five Elements.

If you want to learn more about the Five Elements before you come to our retreat try this beautiful program for free. 

As we are made from the same elements as nature, Mother Nature can be our greatest teacher. 

GENERAL SCHEDULE for the retreat

Begin: Arrival day in the evening (sunset time )
8:00 - Morning yoga class
9:30 -  Breakfast
11:00 - Lecture and meditation
13:00 - 14:00 - Lunch
Afternoon - Rest & relaxation
Late afternoon - Daily adventure (see below)
Evening - Free time to explore Rovinj or socialize
End: last day after lunch

daily adventures

Fire Day - Biking & Fire Gathering
On Fire Day, you will be cycling through the city with mountain bikes, discovering trails that lead through landscapes of awesome natural beauty. We will ride along the coast, so we can stop for a swim on one or more of the beautiful beaches. In the evening we will hang out around a fire.

Water Day - Kayak Tour of Rovinj Islands
On Water Day, you will jump into kayaks and explore the waters around the Rovinj archipelago. You will kayak to gorgeous secluded islands and beaches where you can snorkel, swim, or just float in the beautifully clear Adriatic Sea. On the return, you will enjoy Croatian's famously beautiful sunsets, right from you kayak!

Air Day - Windsurfing Lessons
On Air Day, you will learn how to windsurf, on the most exciting water activities! We provide all equipment and trained instructors. No previous windsurfing experience needed. You don't need to be physically fit to try windsurfing lessons with us.

Earth Day - Hiking Tour & Secret Cave Exploration
On Earth Day, you will spend the afternoon hiking in Croatia! This trek takes you to the shadow of the forest and allows you to explore secret sites! 

Rovinj is home to several secret caves that few people know of. Some caves were used by Saint Romualdo over 1000 years ago to live and meditate in. The public is aware of only one, but we will show you another which is only known by a few locals! To finish the day, guests have the option to try local cuisine at one of Rovinj's best restaurants located near the caves.

Spirit Day - Yoga & Meditation
Spirit Day will be every day and for that Element we will do yoga and meditation.

(Please note: the sequence of the days are dependent on weather conditions and considerations)

PRICES Start from 580€ 

1 person shared twin room  580 € 

1 person private single room  755 €  

1 person private studio apartment  880 € 


2 persons private double room  1160 € 

2 person private studio apartment  1285 € 

2 person private apartment 1335 € 

Included in the price:

  • 5 nights' accommodation in one of the Five Elements Guesthouse rooms or apartments
  • Daily breakfast and lunch (vegetarian or vegan and mostly organic ) 
  • 5 different types of yoga classes, meditation, and lecture. 
  • All adventure tours, gear, and instruction
  • Free use of bicycles for all 5 days
  • Local wine for the welcome evening
  • Local pick-up from Rovinj bus station or harbor

 not included in the pricE:

  • Dinner: Most guests prefer to visit the town for dinner, or you can make dinner in our guesthouse. All guests will have access to the common kitchen. Some apartments have a private kitchen.
  • Pick-up from the airport



Natali Podner is a physiotherapist and yoga instructor. After finishing medical school, she worked in a hospital for one year. Afterwards, she opened her own studio for massage, body care, and recreation. Through the years, Natali attended schools for body care, and specialized in individual medical and Tui Na massage therapy. Natali is now a certified yoga instructor of Ashtanga, Power and Vinyasa flow style, and is currently learning new styles as well. It is yoga that brought her to the Five Elements Guesthouse.

“In my early twenties, I traveled around the world as a model and I experienced a lifestyle that was beautiful only from the outside. Today, I’m finding more beauty and peace inside, and I try to find love in doing small things. My dream came true when I opened my massage studio and from then my biggest joy is to help others feel better. Rovinj, for me, was always one of the best places, and now I’m happy to have the opportunity to work here doing all the things that I love.”


Marin G Vayu was born and raised in Rovinj, Croatia, and has been in the world of yoga for 15 years. He has visited India many times, practicing a variety of different styles of yoga with many different teachers. His other passions include windsurfing, which he taught for several years, and drumming, which he learned to play in Africa. His life has always been centered around teaching people; first windsurfing, then drumming, and later yoga. Marin published his first book Dance Of The Wind in 2009, which is available in English on Amazon. 

“To be in nature is much more than just having fun and noticing its beauty. I enjoy very much reaching desert islands with my kayak, feeling the wind in my sail, listening the silence of the caves, or simply watching the sunset or sunrise. I can feel that the Elements are alive and I enjoy being connected to their spirits. I feel it’s a blessing to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, because in Rovinj, I can really experience all of that beauty every day. Now I’m happy to show the beauties of my hometown to other travelers, and if they are interested to learn more about the elements, I’m glad to share my knowledge.”


If you are interested in the Yoga Retreat or you have questions, please send an inquiry, and we will send you detailed information about the prices, itinerary for the 2017 Yoga Retreat, and our responses. 

Limited availability of the house is up to 18 persons. Please book minimum three (3) months in advance, as the Guesthouse is well booked in advance.


MAY 02-07 AND 19-20
JUNE 13-18 AND 27-02
JULY 10-15 AND 24-29
AUGUST 07-12 AND 21-26
SEPTEMBER 04-9 AND 18-23

Best way to come to Rovinj is :
- By ferry from Venice direct to Rovinj on all our retreat arrival dates except on June 13, and June 27, when the ferry from Venice is going to Pula but we can come to pick you up there.
- By bus from nearest airport: Pula - 40km from Rovinj (check Pula airport for the direct flight from around Europe),
Other nearest airport are Trieste, Rijeka, Zagreb, Ljubljana,  



Marin and Natali are very open-hearted and generous people. The Guesthouse was peaceful, and I was very happy there. The adventures were active and lots of fun!

Marin’s true self comes alive when you spend time with him in the yoga studio. Even as a beginner, I could sense Marin’s years of experience in these spiritual practices through his guidance and instruction. My feelings after meditation are hard to describe, but one of the most eye-opening experiences in all of my travels.
— Christopher Yu - USA, California
After a week of kayaking, windsurfing, hiking, biking and yoga, I left with a big smile on my face, a new appreciation for vegan eating, and great new friends. Thanks!
— Katie Hagen - USA
My first thought before I had even started listening to the first lecture was - what am I doing here? But right after the beginning I realized - I’m here to change my life. The whole course of the Five Elements lectures got me thinking about philosophical questions and raised many hidden and uncertain things in my head. I also started doing yoga - and that was an absolutely incredible experience. I not only felt calm and chilled but - I’ve never felt so healthy in my entire life! Thank you Marin for being the best teacher - in the right time and in the right place.
— Iuliia Melian - Russia
It was a workout for the senses and a treat for the memory bank! A highlight of our trip!
— James & Rebecca - Australia
I was a bit nervous about our windsurfing day. I wasn’t sure I would have the upper body strength or stamina but Marin assured me I would be fine. I am glad he insisted. I must admit as I paddled out in the sunshine looking down in the crystal clear water, how wonderful it felt to be in that moment and I was jittery with excitement. I did it! I had forgotten how good a physical challenge could be and proud to say I did not fall in and I felt the wind in the sail! Thank you Marin!
— Diana (50) - Canada
The way of the Five Elements opened my horizon in a positive way. Everything around us is this philosophy and the more you know about it, the easier questions of life are answered.
— Rainer Einspunkteins - Austria


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