Five Elements Yoga is a variation of Hatha yoga, focusing on each of the Five Elements during our daily morning yoga class. This class is excellent for beginners and provides an interesting approach for the experienced yogi. The class is about 1h 15min and include meditation ( sitting in the silence ), pranayama ( breathing technique ), vinyasa ( body movement ), asanas ( body posture ), and relaxation.  

Classes run daily from 8:00 AM to 9:15 AM. Guests are welcome to drop in as they please. Classes are leading by profesional instructors Natali Podner or Marin Vayu.

The price for our guests is 7€ per class 

For those who want to practice deeper yoga, learn different meditations, and more about the Five Elements, they can enroll in our Five Elements Yoga & Adventure Retreat. As well as daily yoga classes, the Retreat offers daily spiritual workshops and special lectures.


Yoga center, class, sound meditation, Rovinj, Croatia
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